I am a designer and artist.


My work deals with designing the interaction between the individual and the environment.

Clothes and rooms are shells that surround us - closer and further away.

They have an effect on the outside as well as on the inside.

They are an expression of our personality but they also shape it.

It is important to feel good in these shells, no matter of trends or social standards.

As pragmatic as possible, as individual as desired in look and comfort.

My work with and for children is a valuable basis for this. Their undisguised view of the world and their freedom of imagination allow them to find things simply beautiful, to draw from themselves and to have time for nonsense.

I always focus on the special, the individual beauty.

This requires a loving engagement with the circumstances.

Every body, every material, every room has its own characteristics. Creativity, play, experience and the freedom to try something new are the basis of my design work and the content I pass on.

Each person or environment can find his expression.


I live and work in Cologne, Germany and Arles, France.